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Om Brahma Kshetram has its origin some 1700 years ago when Hindu religion was at its peak. It has been established through research, that the existing temple is situated on what used to be a sacred ground where a former ancient temple was situated and which was marked by regular prayers, yagnas and other religious ceremonies.

During the course of time, after the notable Kayamkulam Rajas battle, the temple ground was confiscated, abandoned and gradually submerged by layers of soil, and in time grew to be uninhabited.

With the passing of time, the temple grounds came into the ownership of Shriman Ayyan Vaidhyan, who willed it to his son Ayyan Bharghawan. Ayyan Bharghawan and his wife Dewaki decided to set up residence near the ground.

One day their third son, Rajendrarajan who had always amazed his parents with his exceptional devotion and inclinations to temples and prayers, set out on his first trip to Sabarimala.

Eleven days after his return, the little boy experienced an unusual phenomenon and was overwhelmed with spiritual enlightenment. The little boy started speaking about events in the past and gave certain predictions about the future which were all true or turned out to be true. Subsequently, and to this day, on every Saturday evening, Bhaghawan Shri Ayyappan manifesting through the boy and now Swami Rajendrarajan (“Swami”), has been delivering his teachings of life and have also performed many wonders including saving many ailments written off by modern medical science, mental disease and many more. 

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